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Providing sex therapy, couples counseling, individual counseling and psychotherapy, for individual and couples experiencing intimacy and/or sexual problems. Services also include transgender health evaluations, supervision, and forensic services.

Transgender Services

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), of which Dr. Murray is a member, publishes Standards of Care (SOC) which are periodically updated. These protocols may be reviewed at www.wpath.org. The SOC recommend a mental health evaluation for those starting cross-sex hormonal therapy, and an approach to transition that includes living in the preferred gender role, hormonal therapy, and later, surgery if desired, with mental health assessments for hormonal and surgical therapy, and psychotherapy if deemed necessary by the mental health provider.

Dr. Murray can assess those initiating cross-sex hormonal therapy for ability to understand the risks and benefits of treatment, discuss these with the patient, and consider obtaining a signed consent of this understanding. 

Such assessments require several sessions to collect information about medical and mental health history, ability to provide informed consent, among other details.


For questions regarding transgender services, please contact Dr. Murray. 

The above was adapted from Center of Excellence for Transgender Health


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